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Why Should I Treat My Water?

All tap water within your home, Not otherwise treated, contains millions of impurities; many that you can see, taste and/or smell, but others that you cannot.

Benefits of filtered/treated water in your home:

Health: Filtering impurities - Chlorine by-products (THMS) bacteria, lead, arsenic, cysts, etc)

Improved taste: Coffee, tea, and foods cooked in filtered water taste better

Softer skin and hair: Hard water can leave your skin and hair dry

Cost- effective: Save $ on Soaps and Shampoo. Use Less!

Longer appliance Life: Mineral deposits in water heaters, washing machine, and other appliances decreases their effectiveness and shorten appliance life.

Water Treatment

Water treatment is , collectively, the processes that makes water more acceptable for an end-use, which may be for drinking, cooking, bathing, industrial processes, etc. Water treatment is unlike portable water purification. Water treatment should remove existing water contaminants or reduce their concentration so that the water becomes fit for its desired end-use, including safely returning used water to the environment.

Drinking water is subject to contamination and requires appropriate treatment to remove disease - causing agents. Even though the government regulates and sets standards for public drinking water, many Canadians use a home water treatment unit to:

  • Remove specific contaminants

  • Take extra precautions because a household member has a compromised immune system

  • Improves the taste of drinking water.

Sewage Pumps & Sump Pumps

Whether in new "Installations" or "Preventative Maintenance", we make sure your systems equipment will operate reliably and energy efficiently over the years to come. From on-site installation and maintenance, to repair and other services, with full warranties for all products and services as well as customized packages suited to your individual needs.

Sewage Liftstations

Our sewage pumps, grinders, and slide rail systems are all built-to-last, and made from the most resilient materials and equipment. We have submersible, automatically operated, and reinforced sewage pumps for home use or light commercial use.

Water Pumps

No city water? You most likely have a well system. This is a reservoir of water in the ground that gets pumped in to your home and in to a "Pressure Tank". A "Pressure Switch" monitors line pressure and when it hits its start point, it turns the pump on.

At ajpumps we stock a good selection of long-lasting superior quality pumps. Whether you need a shallow well or deep well pump, jet pumps, submersibles, etc. We carry the best brands in the business.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater collection is flexible and systems can be designed to meet almost any requirements, with cistern tanks available for underground and above ground storage.

Maintenance Plans / Site Visits

Just give us a call, and we will visit your site and give an immediate examination of your Water Source, Water System, Septic System and develop a Maintenance plan.

Helps give you peace of mind

For initial assessment with an ajpumps specialist, please give us a call today and rest-easy knowing we bring experience and technology together offering you the best in Water Management solutions on the Beautiful Sunshine Coast BC.


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