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Do you know what's inside your water?

Do you have arsenic and any other unhealthy elements in your water?

If your water systems come from a well, deep or shallow, we highly recommend a water test. We can then review the test results and provide you with the best design in a water treatment or filtration system for your specific water needs according to the Health Canada Guidelines.

Water Treatment

At AJ Pumps, we recognize the value of clean, drinkable, and usable water and the need for reliable and effective water treatment technology for residential and commercial use. 

Our friendly and experienced technicians provide customers a systematic analysis of their water system and make recommendations for the best and most cost-effective water treatment solution. In addition, we ensure our products adhere to the highest safety standards and go through strict analysis by our in-house water treatment experts.

Sewage Pumps & Sump Pumps

Whether in new "Installations" or "Preventative Maintenance", we make sure your systems equipment will operate reliably and energy efficiently over the years to come. From on-site installation and maintenance, to repair and other services, with full warranties for all products and services as well as customized packages suited to your individual needs.

grinder pumps

Our sewage pumps, grinders, and slide rail systems are all built-to-last, and made from the most resilient materials and equipment. We have submersible, automatically operated, and reinforced sewage pumps for home use or light commercial use.

Sump Pumps

Do not let the next rainstorm or the yearly spring-thaw flood your basement. Have a sump pump for a waterproof basement and keep your basement dry! Let our trusted experts at AJ Pumps help you solve the problem.

Waste Water Systems

Supplier of Singular Green Norweco Products. Individual home wastewater treatment plant for difficult and small lots. 

Water Pumps

No city water? You most likely have a well system. This is a reservoir of water in the ground that gets pumped in to your home and in to a "Pressure Tank". A "Pressure Switch" monitors line pressure and when it hits its start point, it turns the pump on.

At AJ Pumps we stock a good selection of long-lasting superior quality pumps. Whether you need a shallow well or deep well pump, jet pumps, submersibles, etc. We carry the best brands in the business.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater collection is flexible and systems can be designed to meet almost any requirements, with cistern tanks available for underground and above ground storage.

Our Equipment

Our on-site service is one of the best on the Sunshine Coast. Just give us a call, and we will visit your site and give an immediate examination of your water source, suggested water system, or repair and maintenance requirements. 

Our equipment is constantly updated, and we only use the most superior quality equipment for our installation and repair services. We believe that excellent equipment is equivalent to excellent service.

For initial assessment with an AJ Pumps specialist, please give us a call today and rest-easy knowing we bring experience and technology together offering you the best in water treatment solutions on the Sunshine Coast.


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